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New System Work Log

I'm going to start a project log for the new Blog Oklahoma web ring system at my home page. I encourage your feedback when I start work on it. To follow the progress just bookmark this:

Even though its a busy week here in the small cold dark north facing windowless office, I should have my first project worksheet up this week. 

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Open Question: New Ring System?

I am seriously thinking about dropping RingSurf as the web ring manager. The reason, just too hard to maintain once you reach 300 + registrants.

I am open to suggestions.

I am leaning toward writing my own code.

  • I can build better editors for both yours and mine maintenance of your site registration.
  • I can eliminate the separate blogroll and move to my own real time "blogroll".
  • I can create fields in your registration for RSS and Podcast feed links.
  • I would be able to make available OPML blogroll exports of member list.
  • I would have the ability to improve the community aspects of Blog Oklahoma (ie message board, link exchanges, whatever we can think of...)
  • Getting 300+ people to edit their links from Ringsurf to Blog Oklahoma. (Would not effect anyone just providing the link back to Blog Oklahoma)
  • All traffic will go through Blog Oklahoma instead of Ringsurf / Blogroll. (Could be a pro)
  • It would take me close to a month to get it all up and running (Including migration of current list, informing everyone, and the actual writing the code)
Again, I am open to suggestions.

Please give me your thoughts on this: Click here to leave a comment.

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