New Blog Oklahoma Web Site Update

Work continues on the new website. I have most of the design and backend completed. Currently I’m working the member’s dashboard and web ring generator, and I hope to have all that done in a week or two.

I did have to revisit my project list a little bit, and shelve some of the new features I wanted to add, but I’m not giving up on them. We’ll consider those phase 2. The core website is the priority, and I’m thinking I’ll have it up sometime in April. So keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, you might be wondering what some of those new features were. One was a section about the #blogmonth challenge, another for blog action days, and the others, well we’ll save those for another update.

A big thank you to everyone who’ve sent in their suggestions and feedback. Please keep it coming.

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New Member - Beneath The Muscle

New to the Blog Oklahoma web ring: Beneath The Muscle
Manlier ways to be more Man! Why is being a man an easy go to for guys to act like a primal animal or uneducated. Maybe that's it, we just need to be more educated on how to understand others. Others are people we impact when we use words or act inappropriate for the situation.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 102: Depression Sucks

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 102: Depression Sucks
In this episode In The News is back, another Blog Oklahoma update, and Kevin discusses what happened to him over the past year. The wind was really sweeping down the plains, so there is a little bit more that usual background noise in this episode. The wind was a howl'n. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.
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Can't Get No ...

Our help desk has been retired and is no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you need help with your web ring code or have any questions at all, just contact us directly at

Sorry for the short notice on this. I must have missed an email telling me #getsatisfaction was going to retire the site.

It's all good. I'm working on the new Blog Oklahoma website right now and will be improving the help section.



We now have our own subreddit for Blog Oklahoma and the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Network. It'll feature Oklahoma life, news, information, commentary, music, and more from and for the Blog Oklahoma community.


New Member - The Chorus In The Chaos

New to the Blog Oklahoma web ring: The Chorus In The Chaos
The Chorus In The Chaos is a Reformed Blog that exists to provide with relevant gospel centered articles that will educated, edify, and stir healthy discussion.The name comes from this idea that the church is be a voice of reason, hope, and love in the midst of the storms that surround us. Anchored by God Himself, we are to boldly sing truth into the chaos that surrounds us.

We've Started A Newsletter

We've just launched a new newsletter to help you keep up with everything at Blog Oklahoma.

We went with Google Groups to distribute our newsletter for Blog Oklahoma and the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Network. You do not have to have a Google account to subscribe to the mailing list. Once you sign up you'll only receive email with Blog Oklahoma announcements and podcast show notes. You can always unsubscribe by following the instructions include with the newsletter.

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Blog Oklahoma Podcast 101: A Blog Oklahoma Update


Blog Oklahoma Podcast 101: A Blog Oklahoma Update
In this episode Kevin welcomes in 2015 with an update about, on why he's dropping Facebook, and what he learned from doing the #blogmonth challenge. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.
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New Blog Oklahoma Coming Soon.

We've had this version of the website for a while now, so I think it’s time to refresh things. I've started development on the next version of Blog Oklahoma. Beyond just giving the site a new look and user experience, I plan to introduce some new features that will help grow our site and the Blog Oklahoma community. More on the new stuff later. Watch our blog and social spaces for updates. ETA Q2 2015. - K.


Happy Holidays

From everyone here at Blog Oklahoma we want to wish you a

very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous New Year.