Blog Oklahoma Podcast 037: Nothing Happened

I missed last week’s episode, and you won’t believe the reason why. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

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Discussing crafts — mostly beadwork but other crafts as well. Post topics range from ideas to tools to what I like to watch on TV while I'm working on crafts.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 036: How To Vote

It’s election season, and did you know you only have two more months left to register to vote for the general election. Let's talk about that. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

#okvotes16 - New to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Roku channel

We've added a new section to the Blog Oklahoma Podcast Roku channel called #okvotes16. Since it's election season we thought we'd help out by providing a quick overview on how to vote in Oklahoma.

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We are passionate about pool safety and will be sharing our knowledge with you on a regular basis. We hope you enjoy our blogs enough to share with your family and friends.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 035: Two Fold Trip

In this episode we take another trip through Oklahoma history in what we like to call our two fold trip. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Happy Birthday Blog Oklahoma!

Blog Oklahoma was founded on July, 25, 2003, as a web ring for Oklahoma bloggers. Blog Oklahoma has grown into a diverse and interesting community of people who blog in and about Oklahoma.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 034: Grand

This week we’re going to take a little trip to one of my favorite Oklahoma historical markers. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 033: Use Pictures

One of the many ways to get your post noticed is to use a picture. Let's talk about that, right after this. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Primary - June 28th

Friendly Reminder: The Oklahoma Statewide Primary Election is Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Go Vote! You can get more information at